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3/4 face


Watercolor & Hand-picked Cotton Paper 

A4 size 

I have been painting and drawing since ‘forever’ – I can’t remember precisely when it all began, but since I was a child. Most of my earlier art was always and attempt to create a painting that looked exactly as the motive, but as I grew older I got more fond of figurative art. Today, I still use my knowledge of how to create something that looks exactly like the motive, when I paint figurative art.

In a few words, you can call my art figurative and minimalistic. I love to paint something, that the eye can recognise, but still in colours and shapes that does not ‘fit’ into how we normally view the world.

If we go one step deeper into the meaning of my art, you will find that the motives such as bodies in different positions and faces with different looks symbolises emotions and state of minds. Overall, my art encircles the themes femininity, vulnerability and fragility. The delicate pastel colours, the figures poses and the nude and minimalistic feeling in my art is a way of portraying the power in vulnerability and fragility. Something that in Western culture is often looked upon as signs of weakness.

My art is hand painted with watercolour on cotton paper.