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Flow is an expressive art piece based on a set of movements found in ballet.

The piece is not about beauty, but about the harmony of strength, control, and passion together creating a flow of movement.

The blue colors are used to support the feeling of freedom that comes with self-expression and the technique used on the skirts are chosen to support the movement through the painting.

Measurement: 60x24x1,5

I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about this piece. However, what this really shows is very simple. It is the excitement before attempting a difficult move, the rush in your stomach that accelerates until the moment you start. Then the art takes over. You find serenity and the movements become a flow of pure happiness, that stays with you for a moment until you have to pass it on and let it go for this now. It is a moment that almost feels out of this world.

The painting is acrylics and metallic ink on canvas.