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‘3/4 face’


Watercolor & cotton paper 

A4 size 



Watercolor & cotton paper 

A4 size 

Dancer of the Ocean


The Dancer of the Ocean is an expressive art piece representing bodily freedom and emotional release, created in natural colors with an acrylics technique that gives the observer the feeling of constant movement.



Abstrakt akryl maleri 80×100 cm Uffe Boesen



A4 – Gouache

Favignana is an island close to the Sicilian west coast, where I would spend time with my family as a kid.

Glimpse of Hope


Glimpse of Hope is an expressive art piece inspired by the lockdown and the hope of seeing it come to an end. It is made with acrylic techniques and brushes to create a contrast, which is further amplified by the contrast in the pale white and dark navy blue.

Grøn natur 60×80 cm


Semi abstrakt akryl maleri 60×80 cm af Uffe Boesen

Head in Space


As artists,

We tend to be told how we have our heads in the clouds. Creative inspiration to me is often a phenomenon from real life that manifests itself in my head and expands until it has taken on a new shape. Painting then allows me to bring that shape to life.

This painting is a self-portrait of my process. I wanted to paint the calm feeling I get when I let my mind drift off to colorful places out of this world.