Helene Schulz

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Dahlia is inspired by the dahlia flowers and the wide color range they come in with the green leaves around them. The idea for this painting came from a bouquet of flowers that I bought for my good friend who graduated.

I let the colors flow and they became a flowy dress of spring and so, Dahlia was born.

Dancer of the Ocean

Dancer of the Ocean

The Dancer of the Ocean is an expressive piece created under the national lockdown in 2021, shortly before International Women’s Day. The piece combines the longing for freedom through a feminine figure portrayed as a ballerina of nature. The elegant yet powerful dance represents bodily liberation, where natural elements and calming colors contrast the feeling of constant movement- representing the emotional aspect.

Glimpse of Hope

Dimensions: Both paintings are 30 x 30 x 5

Glimpse of Hope is an expressive piece created under national lockdown in 2021. The piece is inspired by the hope that spring brings and the promise of the world to soon return to normal. However, as lockdown has become the new normal – our new white canvas – the break of the new norm and all the uncertainty can seem frightening and are therefore illustrated with beautiful shapes, but in dark colors. Lastly the piece has silver linings painted on top, breaking through the dark colors and promising us a brighter future.