Stephane Guichard

“nuit d’été” is what defines my whole art project. In French, it means “summer night” and that is exactly the feeling I am trying to capture in my art pieces. I’m trying to capture the physical beauty of moment we way too often are too busy to realize is right in front of us. The nostalgic memories of the warm summer night filled with the perfect combination of contrasts. It is the time with your friends feeling closer than ever before and the ephemeral and passionate encounters. It is the feeling of complete inner peach and external excitement.

Originally, I am from France with proud French as well as Italian roots. I have been living in Copenhagen for around two years now studying Computer Science at DTU, but no matter where I find myself in the world I always find myself making art based on my experiences and state of mind. Art is has become a part of who I am, and it is my dream to make it my principal activity someday. I like to produce both physical (gouache/makers), digital illustrations, and keep it simple with vibrant colors.