“My start to painting goes back to my childhood, to my days in the boarding school. It was a tool for me to deattach myself from my environment, it was my tool to travel into different inspirations and headspaces. I remember getting more drawn into art with each passing painting and this being recognized by the adults that were around me at the time. I remember attending art classes as a result, but also, I have a memory of them not lasting for long. I spend my childhood constantly moving from one boarding school to another, from one family to another, and this left no space for painting classes.

When I paint, I find myself immersed into my own universe. Art is a way to show the world how I feel, how I think and my perception of the environment I am surrounded by. My father, whom I have not lived with since I was nine and whom passed away from brain cancer told me before he passed away to never stop painting. He told me I see the world in a different light and that is core to my art, he told me I had a beautiful gift that should not be kept away from sharing with others. So I am here, pursuing my dream of becoming a professional artists and sharing my art with people who finds a piece of themselves in it.”